Guess what? You are not alone at being nervous.

I will let you in on a little secret, it's considered a normal reaction we humans all have. This is especially true when you are just starting as a new trainer, and its you first time standing in the classroom in front of your students, and watching all those faces looking back at you. We all have been there and experienced those same nervous feeling. (writers  comments; after nearly forty years of teaching in some degree, people from all over the world on subjects from A to Z, I still get nervous at the beginning of each new class, seminar, or presentation I am conducting.) I do not care who you are, some just more nervous than others.

As trainers, we all have developed various degree's of stage fright and at times, even the most experienced trainers has too. Nevertheless, once you recognize that being a little nervous when your are asked to speak to others is a normal reaction, then you can also learn to use that nervousness to your advantage too.

Learning to turn your nervous energy inward to focus yourself on teaching a powerful dynamic class is really no great secret, once you learn how, you'll never be the same person again. When you are asked to gave a presentation, speech or teach to a group of people, your presentation skill will flow naturally and comfortably.

How do you accomplished this? Well for now it will have to remain Top Secret Information.

In the mean time you may find this information helpful in controlling your nervousness before a presentation. The first step in controlling your nervousness is a relatively simple task, you must know and understand your subject material your about to present. Lack of knowledge and confidence about your subject is a very hard thing to hide from your listeners, because it is easily communicated by you during your presentation, thrust me, it really shows.

Keeping your confidence level in "yourself" high is another big step in controlling your nervousness.

How can you do that, it's very simple and can be accomplished with just one word practice.   Practice your presentation as much as possible? As you rehearse your speech or presentation, a funny thing happens, you become less nervous as your confidence level increases. It sounds simple huh? It can be if you remember that being nervous is a normal human reaction, and you can control it, do not let it control you.

I also find that using these methods helpful at controlling some of my nervousness.

  • Visualize the whole presentation in your mind.
  • Go through each step of the presentation in your mind much like reading a script.
  • Make sure everything that you will use during your presentation is ready and organized.

During the course we will work on more ways for you to control your nervousness. From here, go to "Organize Everything", or back to "Your Presentation Skills"


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