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Ending your presentation is just as important as the beginning of your presentation when you set out to capture their attention, motivate, and inspire your audience.

As you begin to close your presentation, your closing remarks must remain as strong as when you started!  Remember you want them to retain what you are telling them. Don't wimp out at the end!

In developing your closing remarks, stop and momentarily think back to what your original objectives were for your presentation in the first place. With those objectives in your mind, this will be your last opportunity to present and reinforce them again to your listening audience. It's my opinion, the worst thing for you to do as a presenter is to end your presentation sounding like a tape recorder with weak batteries. Keep it strong! Whatever you do, do not fizzle out!

Finally, if possible, conclude your presentation with positive statements that motivate, innovate, inspire, and leaves them with a sense of accomplishment. You want them to walk away with a feeling that the time they spent listening to you has, or will, enhance their lives personally and professionally.

During the course we will discuss and learn more ways to end with conviction.

We're done! ... I hope that you have learned something here.  Good Luck!  Now go knock their socks off!

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