Presentation Skills Quick JumpENERGIZE YOURSELF!

Whoa! It is a well-known fact that you must be ready to deliver your presentation. If you are not ready, why bother?  Remember the old saying that said, "When you're hot, your hot" and "When you are not you're a flop?" Of course this is not always true, but not being ready because you didn'tEnergize Yourself take the time to prepare yourself is.

If you're just try making your way through it by winging it as you go! Those who know, know you are and those who don't might be impressed.  This could possibly have several negative effects on you, in more ways than one? Can you spell,  "U-N-E-M-P-L-O-Y-M-E-N-T."

It doesn't matter who you are, whether you're a trainer or a speaker. . . you "must" know your subject better than anyone else to become effective at communicating your message. When you are knowledgeable about the information you are about to present to your listeners, you're able to deliver it with a smooth, uninterrupted flow of information, while at the same time projecting your image as very confident and knowledgeable person on the subject matter to your audience. In return, you become a very creditable and knowledgeable source of information in their eyes. You will find that your audience will become instantly more interested in listening and learning from you.

The same principles apply here also about being energized and ready to go when you step out in front of your listeners. The energy and excitement you display while presenting your presentation to your listeners, has a funny effect.  It seems that it radiates outward and affects your listening audience, by casting some magic spell over them. So your energized level of enthusiasm in presenting your presentation does affect your listeners. However, a word of warning here!  Do not come off sounding like a Saturday night used car salesman on late night television, unless that's the effect you're after. Keep it sincere and genuine.  If you do, you will also find that your audience will become more receptive to learning from you.

How does this all relate to the topic of "Energizing Yourself"?

In my mind it is very simple, first you must be a people-type person. One who enjoys speaking, teaching, sharing information, and watching others learn new things that will enrich their lives?

For many, this becomes the motivating factor that keeps them energized and fueling that deep sense of personal satisfaction. Many educators at all levels will tell you of feeling the same sense of personal satisfaction, as they watch those magical moments, when the little light bulbs go on in the faces of those who are learning regardless of what age they are when they understand.

This one factor alone can and, does in many cases, energize a person to share information the best they can and keeps them motivated. However, more commonly its "Money" that energizes and motivates a lot of us to become better at presenting our subject material to our audience. And the better we can do it, it often as a result places us in a higher demand situation and that can also increase our personal income. You think about it, what motivates you to keep energized and excited?

Ok, since we have mentioned the word motivated, let's go talk some more about how to motivate, go there now or go back to the top!  It's your choice!


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