Presentation Skills Quick JumpMOTIVATE YOUR AUDIENCE!

What can I say.  It is critical! 

There is no questioning that the old saying "You do not get a second chance to make that first impression" is very true here. From the very first moment you step out in front of your audience to begin your presentation, you have, on the average, between one and two minutes at the most to set the tone of your presentation.  Many say you have even less time to capture their attention, motivate and hold it.

You and I both have sat through more than one meeting, briefing, or presentation of some kind in our lifetime, where the speakers, were just plain dull and really boring. We obviously had a hard time just staying awake during it, let alone focusing our attention to what was being said.

What the speaker failed to do was motivate us enough to stay awake and listen.  Lets take a quick glance at some reasons that can happen.

Unknowingly, the first thing many presenters do right off the bat wrong, is with their voice. Yes their voice. It is a proven fact! The quickest way known to make your audience unmotivated, and start dropping off like files, is to use a semi-monotone voice in the same pitch and speed.

I think the next best way is hiding behind the podium, never looking up while reading, and using the same monotone voice, glancing up only occasionally, as if checking to see if anyone is still there listening to them.

(If they are not interested at looking at me why should I pay much attention to what they are saying.)

Finally, assuming everyone listening to you understands everything you're are presenting.  If they did, why would they be there listening to you tell them what they already know in the first place?

Ok!  I Am Motivated!Keeping your audience motivated, listening, and actively involved and interacting with you is not an easy task at times. It does require some work on your part to accomplish this.

The biggest factor in motivating someone is, well there really isn't one. The motivational factor to do or learn something, has to come from within the individual.  No amount of words or explaining the advantages or disadvantages will motivate them.

There has to be a need on their part to learn or do something that will help them reach their predetermined goals. Note I said theirs not ours.  Our jobs as presenters, speakers, and trainers, is to provide them with the information necessary to hopefully excite them to accomplish something or learn more.

As a general rule most of your listeners are already motivated to some degree.  They have predetermined there is a need to come and listen or learn from you because it may help them achieve their goals.

During the course we will discuss more motivational methods that can be used.

In the meantime here are a few suggestions that may help you build on that excitement and motivate them.

  • Change your voice pitch and speed
  • Use gestures (the art of using your hands)
  • Tell a joke (however, be careful keep them clean and mundane)
  • Move away from the podium whenever possible and interact with your audience, ask a question

Next we are heading to the question section, go there now or go back to the top! It's your choice!


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