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Interacting with your audience by asking or answering questions can make for a very dynamic presentation and learning environment where everyone comes away from the presentation feeling good at being a part of it. Learning how to manage questions and answers are a part of your presentation and people skills building process.

Of course, we can say the opposite is also true too.  There will be some in your listening audience who will leave your presentation feeling frustrated, confused, and/or upset at your response to their particular questions or the lack of.

Just remember the 10% rule, it often applies in cases like these. Nevertheless, just do the best you can. We will cover more on situations like these in the course and how to handle them.

Depending on what type of presentation you are conducting, managing, and answering questions from your audience, is a very integral part of developing your presentation skills. Someone once said, there is no such thing as a "dumb question" only "dumb answers."

Unless you know otherwise, always treat each question asked with a prompt response and correct answer, if you do not know the answers to the questions being asked then say so. Never discount or put down a person for asking questions. And never play silly mind games with the person asking the question.

When you make time during your presentation for questions and answers, these guidelines may be helpful for you to use when asking and answering questions from your audience:

  • Always turn and face directly to the person asking the question, in some cases you may need to repeat the question again. So everyone in the audience can hear it and benefit from the question and your answer.
  • In a situation where you are not immediately able to respond to the person asking, do not ignore them. Make every effort if possible to acknowledge that person and their question by indicating either with a hand signal or with a nod of the head that you heard them.

The important thing about managing questions here is to remember that interacting with your audience by asking and responding to questions can and will often enhance your presentation effectiveness.

Remember, it's your presentation, you control it, do not let the questions being asked and your responses take control away from you and your presentation.

During the course we go into more on question and answer management.

Now let's go get convicted, go there now or go back to the top!  It's your choice!


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