Presentation Skills Quick JumpCREATING VISUAL AIDS!

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand WordsWho was it that said "a picture is worth a thousand words"?  You know, they were right!  The use of visual aids can greatly enhance your presentation. Making it easer for you to reach your teaching objectives and for your audience to understand them..

We humans take more information in visually, even when we are reading something its processed and stored as a visual thought in our minds.

However, be careful not to go overboard in designing your visual aids.  The word "Overboard" could mean "Overload" instead.

All too often, to save time or money on putting our visual aids together, we get carried away and end-up overloading them with just too much information for our viewing audience to process. Only realizing afterwards, that we did, in fact, cause our viewing audience to go into an immediate "overload condition visually."

This visual overloading condition occurs when they are presented with just too much information at any one given time. In almost all cases it actually does cause your viewers to become either a little or completely confused at what you trying to show them with your visual aid, and that can take away from your presentations' effectiveness.

Keep this in mind when developing your visual aids.

  • Use readable fonts, and stay a way from the fancy stuff.
  • Keep to one or two major points per visual aid, limit the use of sub-topics to a few phrases per subject.

Remember to use the "KISS method" of :

"Keep it simple stupid"Keep It Simple Stupid

Quick Tip:  When you think you may have developed a visual aid that might be a wee bit overloaded or you have any doubts about it, make sure you include a printed copy of your visual aid in question in their handout materials. And always remember to add a control number and content title to each visual aid used.

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